A strong email list is a great asset to any company. Sending out frequent emails
to your list will give you great results. Businesses with an e-mailing strategy can
significantly increase their revenues and improve customer retention.

Email marketing helps you create a deeper relationship with your audience, it
increases brand awareness, shareable and more importantly, it increases your
revenue. At WAVAI, we do your e-mailing marketing and we do it well.

Things we do in email marketing

Email marketing

E-mail marketing strategy

Loyalty campaigns, promotions, newsletters or cold e-mailing, whatever your objectives are, we plan your e-mail marketing and make sure it generates maximum ROI (return on investment).

Email Marketing

Custom reporting

We keep you updated on what the results we are achieving with your e-mail marketing campaigns by providing customized full reports.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail creation

We design and write the emails that will engage and convert your audience.

Email marketing

E-mail lead generation

We constantly build your contacts list by putting the rights mechanisms in place to grow your audience and collect qualified leads.

Email marketing

E-mail list management

We organize and segment your contacts lists for highly targeted e-mailing campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your brand reputation is very important to us. We never spam people by sending them e-mails they have never asked for.

The first thing to do in your case is to build an email list. But hey, WAVAI can
help you with that too!